Heart attack survivor thanks first responders, Broward Health Medical team for saving his life


A South Florida man collapsed from a heart attack. Now, he’s thanking the medical team that saved his life.

Abraham Topp is grateful and making sure the heroes who saved his life are recognized for their efforts.

“I was with my brother. He said I sat in the car, I just put my head back, and he said it’s just like going to sleep,” he said.

Topp suffered from a heart attack after a typical jog on Feb. 28.

The Dania Beach lifeguards were the first to get to him, immediately starting CPR, which helped save Topp’s life, according to his doctor, and also used a defibrillator that shocked his heart back into rhythm.

Broward Fire Rescue took over, also shocked his heart and rushed him to Broward Health Medical Center, where the medical team took over Topp’s care.

“We placed a balloon and stent into the vessel and began to reestablish flow to his heart,” said Broward Health cardiologist Dr. Kenneth Zelnick. “Eventually, we pulled his body down to 33 degrees Celsius, where it would stay for 48 hours to rest the brain.”

Topp was on a ventilator and unconscious for about two weeks. He was transferred to rehab and eventually woke up to a new lease on life and an even bigger appreciation, he said, for first responders and his medical team.

“I have two daughters in the medical field, but this just took it to another level, which I think the general public needs to be more aware and appreciative of the amount of sacrifice first responders put day in and day out,” Topp said.

When it comes to how the meeting was arranged, Topp requested to meet every single person who helped save him so he could thank them in person.


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