‘Good Neighbor Days’ Festival kicks off this week


WASHINGTON (WEEK) – Organizers are taking a different approach this year on an annual festival.

Good Neighbor Days Festival was canceled because of Covid. So instead there will be events happening through the summer at smaller events, rather than one large week-long event.

The first event is a concert at Five Points.

“We’re going to have Brickhouse there with food and ice cream Shack, the Junior Firefighter challenge. Just some of those events that usually happen in the grassy area at Good Neighbors Day, we’re still trying to make those happen,” said Chevie Kriete, director of the Washington Chamber of Commerce.

There will be other events each month, including a petting zoo, family movie night, face painting, a family bike ride, and an art festival.

For more information: https://washingtonilcoc.com/good-neighbor-days-festival/

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