Dolores Huerta receives honorary doctorate from Yale University


(KGET) — Dolores Huerta received an honorary doctorate on Monday from Yale University as part of its commencement ceremonies.

University President Peter Salovery presented honorary degrees to nine recipients in recognition of their achievements and contributions. Huerta was recognized as an Honorary Doctor of Laws.

“From the fields to the state house, you have united people in pursuit of justice,” Salovery said of Huerta. “Your skills as an organizer are matched by the strength of your convictions that there is dignity in labor, that rights are worth fighting for and that people power is the strongest force on earth.”

At age 91, Huerta continues to serve as a voice of those most directly impacted by injustice. Most recently, the Dolores Huerta Foundation has provided education and outreach to stop the spread of COVID-19 and motivate individuals to get vaccinated.

The foundation has distributed thousands of pounds of non-perishable food to those in need and directed $250,000 in financial assistance to community members in need during the pandemic.

“This honorary doctorate honors workers who sustain society but are often not rewarded, recognized or respected. A formal education obligates one to serve workers and create a world of justice,” Huerta said.


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