Peoria Riverfront Museum debuts new world class planetarium



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The Dome Planetarium debuted its new 40 foot, 6.5 Digistar seven system on Friday.

The System has six laser phosphor projectors that will be ten times brighter than their previous five projector 2K system.

“It will enable us to be able to share a lot of great and exciting content with our visitors and that’s what I’m excited about,” said Renae Kerrigan, the museum’s planetarium director and science curator.

The display also features 3D models and instant real time access to astronomy and science databases from NASA and NOAA.

The six cameras provide detailed 360 degree visuals that will take visitors on a journey through the universe.

Visitors can explore the earth, from real time earthquakes and weather to microscopic organisms and particles.

“Our goal is to help people understand their place in the cosmos and maybe get a little sense of the fragile nature of our planet and inspire a sense of wonder and awe and hope that maybe they’ll want to learn more,” Kerrigan said.

President and CEO John Morris says the new planetarium is a great tool for students to learn more about astronomy and engage what learn in the classroom with the real world.

“Our staff here is so good at helping take you out into space in ways you could have never imagine,” Morris said. “Its mind blowing and also really cool ways to learn and be entertained.”

The new projection system at the planetarium is one of few in the world.

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