Downtown security teams prepare for busy weekend on Broadway


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Last weekend Metro Police reported nearly 200 calls for service on Broadway, up 62% from the previous weekend.

“When you work on a strip with nothing but bars people tend not to make the best decisions when they’re inebriated so I really think that has a lot to do with it,” Acme Feed & Seed Head of Rooftop Security Christopher Demonbreum said.

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But that’s why Demonbreum prepares his team for anything, especially on busy weekends.

“That’s never changed. They will get rowdy regardless. But I guess just more of them now since we’re back at full capacity,” Demonbreum said.

Demonbreum said they’ve had a lot of time to prepare for the return to business during the pandemic.

“It makes it feel normal again. It was weird being here without that amount of people at all. It was almost like an empty mansion that you just live in by yourself,” Demonbreum said.

Luckily Acme hasn’t had too many chaotic issues since the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted on May 14.

“Most of the time we try to be hands off, talk to the person first. But if they get out of line we give them a couple warnings and then they have to leave the building. And then it’s up to them their next actions because once they’re out of here it’s their own fault,” Demonbreum said.

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Demonbreum has noticed an increase in Metro Police presence over the last few weekends, which he’s hoping will deter any disruptive activity.


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