A safe summer of fun kicks off at Proctor Park


PEORIA (WEEK) – Proctor Park kicked off the summer of 2021 with their ‘Streets Belong to Me’ program. They invited families and kids to come play at the park with food vendors and games, with the goal of a safe summer.

General Manager Jonelle McCloud said her passion is for basketball. That’s why the main event will take place Saturday at the Riverfront. Twenty-five teams will be competing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament to help get the summer started on the right foot.

McCloud said, “To be able to have a three on three tournament, first one in the city for a long time should be amazing. [..] We just hope that the students pick up something here, do something positive so that this summer is safe.”

In addition to the basketball tournament, Proctor Park will also have a summer camp. The camp will start June 7. Any kids ages 6-13 can participate Monday through Friday during the summer.

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