Westlake High School senior graduates with perfect attendance since kindergarten


WESTLAKE, Ohio (WJW) — It is the last day of classes for seniors at Westlake High School.

It is the last official day of Blake Wolfe’s time in the district.

And he’s had a lot of time here…because he’s never missed a day.

Not a single solitary one in 12 years.

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Give or take a few snow days, that translates into roughly 2,184 days ending on senior day and beginning on the first day of kindergarten in 2009.

“There were so many days that I just wanted to make up an excuse and stay home but my mom and my dad just gave me that extra push and coming to school and seeing my friends again it just made it all better,” Blake said.

Blake Wolfe (WJW image)

A big part of that, his parents David and Dana Wolfe says, is that Blake has always been a healthy kid; he hasn’t so much as stubbed a toe during these 2,184 days of perfect attendance.

He also enjoys being in school and excels in pretty much everything.

“Blake is a really good kid. He knew that school was very important and that we believed that he should be there every day,” Dana Wolfe said.

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And Blake has made sure that every day at school is packed with stuff. 

Blake played drums in marching band and lettered in basketball and track.

And at the same time, he carried a full load of classes with math and history as his favorites.

Even during a year split between remote and in person, it didn’t tempt him to slack off.

“Not seeing my friends was the hard part but I just got through it. There was one year left and no need to stop now,” Blake said.

After spending so much time in school for Blake it’s a little sad to leave but there are new records for him to set as he goes off to college on scholarship this fall — namely, continuing to set an example that hard work and perseverance can definitely pay off.

“It shows just how committed I am to school and how important it is to me,” he said.

Blake will attend Blufton University this fall. 


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