Metro Police developing QR code to combat guns stolen from cars


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police say they are seeing more burglars target cars in hotel parking lots and hospital garages. Investigators say they are specifically in search of firearms.

The hardest-hit precinct is Midtown Hills, where officers see an average of five guns stolen per week during car break-ins.

“We had a buddy, that happened to him,” said Michael Mayernick. “He looked for his gun and it just wasn’t there.”

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Mayernick and Brandon John live in a home just off 12th Avenue South. They say a friend of theirs had his gun stolen out of his car while it was parked in front of their home.

“He had a set of golf clubs and stuff in his car, and also like a laptop,” said John. “The only thing they took was a gun. So, it’s almost pretty scary to know that was the sole intention. Didn’t take any valuables. They were solely focused on the gun.”

Metro police say 313 guns have been stolen from cars across Davidson County so far this year. Ninety of them were taken from cars in Midtown Hills.

“We see a lot of out-of-towners that come into town, that don’t want to take their guns in with them,” said Sgt. Steven Bowers with Midtown Hills Investigations of MNPD. “They will leave them and try to hide them somewhere in the car. But, when these subjects come and actually break into the car, they actually find these weapons wedged between the seats and the consoles or in the glove boxes.”

Bowers says lately the department is seeing an uptick in guns being stolen from cars at hospital parking garages and hotel parking lots, specifically the West End and Church Street area.

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The department is now developing a QR code that drivers can scan for information on where these car break-ins occur.

“When they scan this actually it will give them updated statistics on our car break-ins at these locations and also a video to help educate them on parking spots,” said Sgt. Bowers.

Police advise drivers to take their weapons with them, instead of leaving them in your car.


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