Emaciated cows spotted in Sunrise trigger police investigation; owner arrested in Miami-Dade


Police are investigating a possible case of animal neglect in Sunrise after they were alerted about dozens of emaciated cows in a pasture.

The owner of the livestock, meanwhile, has been arrested and charged in an unrelated case in Miami-Dade County.

Speaking with 7News on Friday, Laurie Waggoner with the South Florida chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said dozens of cows were being deprived of nourishment, and several have died.

“This is a very sad situation,” she said.

Video showed a cow dead in the middle of a field off Hiatus Road, as well as others looking thin and unhealthy.

“Some of them, frankly, they’re so thin, they might not make it,” said Waggoner.

Sunrise Police said a passer-by called them to the property, and when they arrived, they found more than one dead animal.

Police officers and officials with the Florida Department of Agriculture and the SPCA gathered on Friday to feed the animals and try to figure out the next move.

“They’re going to have to have blood tests. They’re going to have to have tests for diseases. They’re going to have to be dewormed and vaccinated,” said Waggoner. “It’s huge.”

Officials said the owner of the property is cooperating with police, but the cows’ owner, 32-year-old Rafael Antonio Guevara, was arrested Wednesday and charged with four counts of confining an animal without food or water.

It remains unclear what charges Guevara may face in Sunrise, if any. His charges in Miami stem from deprivation of food and water to horses.

SPCA officials are attempting to figure out where to take the cows so they can rehabilitate the animals. For more information on how to help, click here.


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