Bodycam footage captures aftermath of Miami Beach hit-and-run that critically injured pastor


Police body camera footage captured the aftermath of a hit-and-run in Miami Beach that critically injured a pastor, and it captured the arrest of a former adult film actress accused of hitting him.

Miami Beach Police officers responded to the MacArthur Causeway on March 25 to help the wounded pastor, body camera video shows.

“It’s going to be a trauma alert,” an officer said over the radio. “Is there any damage on the bike?”

Noe Aguilar was trying to bike home from work to his wife and children when he was slammed into by a car that did not stop, according to police.

Aguilar’s family later shared their pain over their patriarch, who is recovering from his injuries, but he is said to be improving.

“It’s very painful to me that he’s not here right now,” Aguilar’s daughter said.

Just after the pastor was struck, good Samaritans told officers they called 911 and tried to protect him until paramedics arrived.

“I just hit the brakes,” a good Samaritan said. “We were just like, ‘Holy [expletive]! There’s a person there!’”

Investigators would later arrive at the exclusive Continuum, in the area of South Pointe Drive and Ocean Drive, after they received a call from building staff that night about a damaged Mercedes-Benz that had been valeted.

They said a woman who was upstairs visiting a resident had checked in the car. Officers then towed the vehicle from the Continuum.

Katherine Colabella, an ex-porn actress from Cooper City, showed up at Miami Beach Police headquarters the next morning to retrieve her car. However, she met with detectives beforehand.

“I was just visiting my friend last night,” Colabella said to a detective in the elevator.

The detective asked, “Who’s your friend?”

“Lamar Taylor,” Colabella replied.

Colabella also revealed Taylor is the creative director for Grammy-winning recording artist The Weeknd.

Soon after, she was led to a conference room, and not long after, she was arrested.

Police said Colabella admitted she was drunk when they questioned her and she was panicked when she hit the pastor on his bicycle.

Colabella faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident with bodily injury and reckless driving.


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