Teen involved in burglary, I-95 police chase appears before judge


After a police chase ended in a chaotic crash along Interstate 95, the first of the five subjects detained appeared before a judge.

On Thursday, 16-year-old Mikel Turner was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling as well as grand theft.

“I have reviewed the probable cause affidavit, and I am of the opinion that there does indeed exist sufficient facts to support a valid arrest,” the judge said.

Police said the teens tried to steal an SUV from a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood on Wednesday morning.

Security footage showed someone hopping over a gate before the car sped off.

In the driver’s attempt to flee, they hit a bicyclist who was hospitalized but is expected to be OK, police said.

They also hit two drivers once they got on the highway.

The teens were taken to the hospital before being arrested.

Two of the five teens have been released from the Juvenile Detention Center. One remains in the hospital.

Turner will be held for 21 days.


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