Not guilty verdict in area teacher’s sexual assault trial


LIVINGSTON COUNTY (WEEK) – A Central Illinois teacher arrested almost two years ago for sexual misconduct involving one of her students has been found not guilty on all charges.

A Livingston County jury on Tuesday deliberated less than an hour before finding Dwight Township High School teacher Kathryn Patten not guilty on all five counts of criminal sexual assault, crimes that could have landed her in prison for 25 to 75 years if convicted.

The alleged victim, now 18-years old, was also a babysitter for Patten’s family. The teenager admitted altering a picture of Patten, defense attorney Charlies Schierer said in a news release, and Schierer said there was no incriminating evidence on cellphones belonging to the boy and teacher.

Patten, who’s 36, testified she was aware there were rumors of an inappropriate relationship, but she denied them. Schierer also said Patten turned down a plea bargain in which she would have admitted to one of the five counts.

Patten has been on unpaid administrative leave, but her future job status is uncertain, according to Schierer.

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