Taco Bell fan-fave nixed from menu — again — and fans are not pleased


(NEXSTAR) — Here, then gone again.

Taco Bell says the Quesalupa, which recently made its return in early March, will be leaving its menu once again, a spokesperson for the fast-food giant confirmed to Thrillist.

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“Fans are encouraged to satisfy their Quesalupa craving before it leaves Taco Bell’s menu later this month,” the spokesperson said.

Since its March 10 return, the Quesalupa has boasted a new recipe with 50% more cheese inside its double-layered shell. The crunchy item is stuffed with a blend of melted pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses, along with fixings that include seasoned beef, lettuce, diced tomatoes and reduced-fat sour cream.

The return of the Quesalupa, which debuted in 2016, was for a limited time, but that romance apparently was oh too short for fans of the beloved quesadilla-chalupa hybrid.

Update: I went to @tacobell today after receiving this notification only to discover my beloved quesalupa is ALREADY GONE. I am #betrayed. 😫

— Katie Lady (@keshastwin) May 12, 2021

Can the CDC bring back the quesalupa to @tacobell or is that to far fetched

— Lisa (@HighImLisa) May 14, 2021

In the meantime, Taco Bell has announced the return of the Naked Chicken Chalupa, another popular menu item. The chalupa, which debuted in 2017, is made with a crunchy fried chicken shell stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and avocado ranch sauce.

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It is set to return to U.S. locations Thursday, while rewards members can order it through the chain’s mobile app as early as Wednesday.


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