‘I’m only teasing’: Biden jokes about running over reporters asking about Israel during test drive of electric truck


DEARBORN, Mich. (WJW/AP) — President Biden joked about running over reporters while test-driving a truck at an electric vehicle plant in Michigan.

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Biden was there to take a spin in the new Ford F-150 Lightning truck during a visit to the plant Tuesday.

The visit came after Biden pushed his $2.3 trillion infrastructure package earlier in the day. Ford unveiled the new truck to coincide with his visit.

Biden was remarking on the speed of the vehicle when a reporter asked if he could get a “quick question on Israel before you drive away.”

“No you can’t,” Biden replied. “Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it. I’m only teasing. OK, here we go.”

In a speech at the plant, Biden had made only passing mention of the conflict, warmly addressing Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan as she sat in the audience, saying he would pray that her grandmother and other relatives were well in the West Bank.

“I promise you I’m going to do everything to see that they are,” Biden said.

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During his tour of the Dearborn facilities, Biden kept the focus on jobs. 

“The future of the auto industry is electric. There’s no turning back,” Biden said. “The real question is whether we’ll lead or we’ll fall behind in the race to the future.”


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