Gov. Pritzker announces 6-year, $20.7 Billion construction plan for Illinois


(WSIL) — Gov. JB Pritzker announced Wednesday a $20.7 Billion multi-year plan to improve Illinois’ roads and bridges over the next 6 years.

The multi-year plan builds on significant infrastructure investment over the past two years, with over 2,700 miles of state and local roadways and 290 bridges already improved through Rebuild Illinois.

The Governor also announced the return of full Amtrak service in Illinois beginning July 19th.  In accordance with CDC guidance, face masks are still required on public transit, including trains, to prevent community spread.

“With all that’s been built over the last two years, even through a global pandemic, today we are announcing the new Multi-Year Plan for the next six years that will reconstruct over 2,700 more miles of roads and nearly 8 million square feet of bridges. And of course, the projects in this MYP will continue to create and support hundreds of thousands of jobs for hardworking Illinoisans across our state – bolstering our pandemic recovery in yet one more way,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Rebuild Illinois is about investing for the future – supporting this generation and the next, making sure we have good jobs and the roads to get there, and building a state where opportunity is just around the corner for everyone, no matter where you’re standing.”

Highway Improvement Program

Based on current funding levels, the FY2022-27 Proposed Highway Improvement Program aims to improve 2,779 miles of roads and 7.9 million square feet of bridge deck. Of the $20.7 billion over the six years of the program, $3.32 billion has been identified for the upcoming fiscal year.

Project selection was based on objective criteria, such as pavement conditions, traffic volumes and crash history.

Of the major elements in the plan for IDOT roads and bridges, investments include:

$5.79 billion for highway reconstruction and preservation
$4.82 billion for bridge improvements
$2.59 billion for strategic expansion
$1.43 billion for system support such as engineering and land acquisition
$1.21 billion for safety and system modernizations.

Resuming Amtrak Service

With the number of positive COVID-19 cases continuing to decrease and the demand for public transportation expanding, Amtrak will resume full passenger rail service, providing another efficient transportation option to connect residents across the state.

A full long-distance interstate schedule will restore four state-sponsored lines. The Chicago-Milwaukee partnership with Wisconsin will resume next week. The three state sponsored routes connecting Chicago and Quincy, Chicago and Carbondale, and Chicago and St. Louis, will run at full capacity by mid-July.

Passengers can reserve tickets for travel starting the week of July 19th on beginning this week.

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