Garfield Heights man hospitalized with COVID-19 for 6 months leaves hospital


BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) — After 6 months of battling COVID-19, a Garfield Heights man is coming home.

Joe Juby tested positive for coronavirus on Nov. 3, according to his family, and was hospitalized five days later. 

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For two months he was sedated on a ventilator and spent 193 days confined to a hospital bed.

After eight surgeries from COVID complications and several different hospital and care facilities, Joe began significant rehab to regain the strength he lost during his bed confinement.

He has most recently been at Cleveland Clinic Beachwood Rehab.

But now, the retired firefighter and paramedic from Garfield Heights is being reunited with his wife Anita of 51 years, their three children and eight grandchildren. 

His family says before COVID he was a healthy man who golfed, cooked gourmet meals, played basketball with his grandkids, and traveled around the globe. They also say he was one of the first paramedics in Cuyahoga County back in 1977.

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Since he missed Christmas while battling the virus, Joe’s family left up their tree. But as he missed more holidays this year, they started adding decorations to make it a true holiday tree for him to celebrate when he returns home.

His family expressed their gratitude to all the family and friends who offered support through thoughts and prayers to carry them through the illness as well as to the healthcare and therapy professionals who helped to get him back home.


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