Chargers ‘issue correction’ to dig at Cleveland after getting special gift from FOX 8


LOS ANGELES (WJW) — The Los Angeles Chargers have issued a correction after receiving their Cleveland-themed gift basket from FOX 8.

FOX 8 sent a gift basket to the Chargers after they made a dig at the Browns and the city of Cleveland.

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When the Chargers released their schedule through an old-school PowerPoint video they chose to disparage the city of Cleveland. As presented by defensive end Joey Bosa, of The Ohio State University fame and who reportedly crafted the PowerPoint, all the usual jokes were there: Calling us the “Mistake on the Lake,” and saying there’s nothing to do while visiting.

So, in response, FOX 8 collaborated with Destination Cleveland and sent the Chargers gift basket highlighting some of the great things you can do in Cleveland. The basket included a script Cleveland t-shirt, some beers from Market Garden Brewery, some gifts from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and much more.

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Wednesday, the team took to Twitter to thank us for their gift basket and issue a correction to their previous statement.

we’d like to issue a correction

— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) May 19, 2021

Their correction states that Cleveland is “not that big of a mistake on the lake.” They also added one item to their list of things to do in the city — “watch FOX 8.”


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