West Side Market receiving $2.1 million from Cleveland for building improvements


CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland City Council officially approved legislation Monday to allocate money for improvements to the West Side Market — funding to the tune of $2.1 million.

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The move comes after the city pitched a prototype for modernizing the historic property back in February. Over the last few years, some market vendors have left and/or voiced concerns over plumbing issues, a leaky roof and even a lack of management.

The strains of the COVID-19 pandemic have also been hard on vendors, with some having to close up shop.

Back in February, the city said it would work with vendors to figure out which issues needed to be made a priority. The city has now released a list of improvements it indents to make with the new budget:

Exterior doors getting replaced
Electrical system improvements
Clock tower masonry work
Booths for new vendors
Meat preparation area improvements
Food preparation and refrigeration area improvements
Temperature control upgrades

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The city’s overall approved annual capital improvements budget is $31 million and is also going to be used for updating parks, pools, rec centers and other public buildings.


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