Warren police report finding ‘elaborate’ dog-fighting operation during drug investigation


WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Warren police say they found an elaborate dog-fighting operation during a drug investigation on Tuesday.

Police were executing a search warrant at a house on Austin Avenue in relation to that drug investigation.

There, they reported finding a firearm, drugs and evidence of dog fighting.

Warren officers report family members attacked them while they investigated gun complaint

Police believe the home was also used for dog training, as a treadmill with 2x4s on it was found. Police say it was likely used so that dogs would run on it as part of that training.

Lt. Greg Hoso called it one of the most elaborate setups that he has seen in his 26 years as an investigator.

Police said the subject of their search warrant on Austin Avenue was living at the address on Bane Street SW. He is on parole, so the Parole Authority also searched that home, where they found seven dogs.

The suspect is being held on a parole violation with other charges pending.


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