Video shows teens out of control inside local detention center


PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows what happened when teen innates went wild inside the Portage-Geauga County Juvenile Detention Center.

You see a big brawl, teens spraying fire extinguishers in hallways, and more. The video also shows what it took for law enforcement to gain control again.

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Officers moved in with guns drawn and with dogs. The trouble broke out earlier this month.

Investigators with the Portage County Sheriff’s Department filed 28 felony charges soon after the uprising.

On the video, you also see a teen turn over a table during the disturbance, another kid shoves a worker trying to settle things down, and yet another teen had to be tackled by staff during the chaos.

The I-Team spoke to Judge Timothy Grendell from Geauga County court. He sits on the board for that detention center.

The judge said, “People don’t have the level of respect for authority that they used to have.”
He added, “We are having a disrespect for authority at all levels in our country, and that makes it more difficult for people in a correctional institution, a detention facility for juveniles, to maintain control.”

Back in 2018, the I-Team showed you a riot inside the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

There, the kids caused more than $100,000 damage. That uprising went on for hours.

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Back in Portage County, we found criminal cases just beginning to move through court for the teens causing trouble in the lock-up this month.

Investigators said a few of the kids may have been trying to escape. But, no one got out.

The detention center later said no one had actually tried to get out. A news release also said the teens got out of control after an “organized assault.”

Nonetheless, the video puts a spotlight on how to keep this kind of trouble from happening again.

Judge Grendell said, “We’re working on rehabilitation in this facility. This is not a prison. How do you manage control without being overcontrolling?”

The video reveals what can happen when the juveniles locked up take control.


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