Ex-owner of Trout’s Nightclub facing July trial for alleged fraud


SONORA, Calif. (KGET) — Allan Thomas Rockwell, the former owner of Trout’s Nightclub in Oildale, is facing trial this summer on multiple charges alleging he stole tens of thousands of dollars from a disabled uncle.

Rockwell’s trial is scheduled July 21 at Tuolumne County Superior Court. He has pleaded not guilty to nearly two dozen counts of financial theft from an elder and identity theft, and faces a maximum of about 16 years in custody if convicted on all counts.

In 2018, the uncle, a war veteran, was hospitalized and agreed to give Rockwell power of attorney to handle his finances, according to the Tuolumne County District Attorney’s Office. Under the agreement, Rockwell was to collect a stipulated amount of money per month to buy medical supplies and provide care for his uncle.

The uncle in 2020 grew suspicious over Rockwell not giving him access to his financial records. He went to a bank to review his records and found tens of thousands of dollars missing from his account, prosecutors said.

An investigation showed a number of checks for thousands of dollars were made out to Pilots of Wishes, a charity run by Rockwell, according to prosecutors. The uncle had not given Rockwell permission to give his money to the charity.

There were also unauthorized withdrawals from the uncle’s account in Tuolumne County and neighboring counties, prosecutors said.


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