Charges dropped against Plantation couple arrested multiple times for rejecting mask mandate


Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a gym owner who refused to comply to the mask mandate during the pandemic.

Michael Carnevale along with his wife, Jillian Carnevale, were arrested three times for refusing to adhere to COVID restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic.

Just last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told the couple they would not face any charges.

The couple was arrested at their gym Fitness 1440 in Plantation.

At one point, the pair took their gym equipment into the parking lot of their gym so that their members could workout without masks.

The couple spoke outside the courthouse after their charges were dropped on Tuesday morning.

“Definitely a life-changing experience,” Michael said. “Absolutely a life-changing experience. The person that went into it is not the person that came out of it, and I’m very grateful and blessed for that.”

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me,” Jillian said. “There’s been good times, there’s been bad times, and I can say that today is definitely a good day. I’m totally relieved and ready to move forward with my life.”

The couple lost their gym during the legal battle and said they plan to file a lawsuit to try to recoup some of their losses.


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