New dog collar claims to help owners communicate with their pets: FOX 8 put it to the test


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Have ever wondered what your pet is thinking or what they’re trying to tell you when they bark? Well, a new dog collar claims it can help owners communicate with their pets. 

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“What we discovered is that there is a certain pattern, dogs barking is just the one universal language,” said Andrew Gil Director of Global Marketing for Petpuls.

The company, which is based in South Korea researched and studied more than 10,000 barks from more than 50 breeds. Using that data, they  developed the patent-pending technology, AI-enabled voice recognition technology and algorithm that can translate a dogs bark.

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The special dog collar can interpret and track five emotional statuses including happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed. The results are instantly sent to the owner through an app.

“Many people think this is like the movie ‘UP,’ but it’s not. It’s not, but it’s starting point,” said Gil.

But does it really work?

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In this report, FOX 8 news anchor Stefani Schaefer and reporter Suzanne Stratford put the collar to the test and discovered some surprising results

“I keep getting these alerts on my phone about Bruno just totally freaking me out. I couldn’t wait to get home,” said Schaefer.

Find out more in the video at the top of the story.


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