New clue in murders of man, woman in Rocky River Reservation: I-Team


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has turned an anonymous tip into a possible look at the killer in one of Northeast Ohio’s biggest mysteries, the murders of Kate Brown and Carnell Sledge in the Cleveland Metroparks.

Days ago, we revealed video never seen before.

Now, we have a new computer-generated animation that could spark tips.

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Back in 2019, almost two years ago in broad daylight, someone shot and killed two good friends in the Rocky River Reservation and got away with it.

The new animation has been created based on information in an anonymous letter to the I-Team. The letter claims a woman committed the murders after having words with Carnell Sledge at the Park.

We shared that letter with The Evidence Room, a company involved in reconstructing and animating crime scenes nationwide.

Two local men with The Evidence Room, Scott Roder and Patrick Mooney, have taken an interest in this case.

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Earlier, they reviewed evidence and put together moving graphics showing what likely happened in the Metroparks murders.

Now, they’ve created a specific look at the killer as described by the tipster in that letter to FOX 8.

Scott Roder said, “The letter is generally consistent with the physical evidence.”
He added, “The tipster indicated it was a female. That female was wearing a green hoodie, blue jeans cuffed at the ankles with white socks and black walking shoes.”

The animation shows a woman with brown hair wearing those clothes while holding a gun.

As for that letter, back when we received it, we turned it over to authorities. We recently asked the Metroparks if they’d looked into it. They told us, investigators did look into it, but they didn’t get into specifics with us. Just saying they still need more information.

Patrick Mooney spoke of the benefits of the animation saying, “You show the physical motions or movements versus a sketch.”

The guys behind the animation hope it sparks tips.

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Scott Roder added, “If somebody’s cuffing up their jeans, maybe they always cuff up their jeans. If somebody’s wearing a green zipper hoodie, maybe somebody always wears that zipper hoodie.”

The Metroparks Police and the FBI have a $100,000 reward offered for a tip leading to an arrest.

The families left hurting are hoping someone is inspired to speak out.

Tom Brown, father of Kate Brown said, “We ask the people to put themselves in our shoes. If this was your sister, brother or family member shot and killed in broad daylight.”

Kate’s sister Alex Zuban said, “We go places. Normal places. And every face I see, I think, it could be you. You could have done this.”

And Carnell Sledge’s mother recently told us, “There’s more to it. I don’t know what it is, but there’s more to it.”

Got a tip? Call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.


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