Friday is National Endangered Species Day


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Friday is National Endangered Species Day, a time to learn about threatened and endangered species and take action to protect them.  

Kern County is home to a few species at risk of extinction, including the California desert tortoise, San Joaquin kitfox, California condor, and the Bakersfield cactus, all of which are on display at the California Living Museum. 

Staff say the California condors are especially at risk of extinction and is likely the most endangered species at the museum. 

“They’re magnificent birds, but their numbers are so low. In the 70s, we almost lost them,” said zoo manager Lana Fain. 

Back in 1994, the city entered into an agreement with state and federal wildlife agencies to protect so- called “special status” species in Bakersfield. The Habitat Conservation Plan lays out guidelines to protect natural resources while allowing appropriate urban growth and development.

“It was determined to protect the four species — the San Joaquin kit fox, the San Joaquin antelope ground squirrel, Tipton kangaroo rat, and one plant species, the Bakersfield cactus,” said city Principal Planner Steve Esselman.  

Fain says there are numerous ways to get involved locally and help protect these local endangered species. For more information, visit


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