Watch live: Palestinian rally held in Cleveland Public Square


Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – A Palestinian rally is being held today in Cleveland Public Square.

At 2 p.m., a coalition of organizations say they are planning the rally to protest and demand an end to Israeli assaults on Palestinians from Sheik Jarrah to Jerusalem to Gaza.

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The protest began Friday, May 14 outside Crocker Park Mall and today the protest will continue.

The Palestinian Resistance of Cleveland who is organizing the rally in Downtown Cleveland is led by Ismail Khadair: “We have decided to come together to bring awareness to Northeast Ohio because we will not stand by in silence as our brothers and sisters suffer in Palestine. What’s happening in Palestine is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue.”

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Co-sponsoring the event is: Al-Awda (Abbas Hamideh – Executive Director);The Palestine Right of Return Movement; The Free Palestine Moveme; Jewish Voice for Peace Cleveland; Party for Socialism and Liberation; ANSWER Coalition (Charlie Koenigsmark); Cleveland Peace Action and l-Awda Right of Return Movement.


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