Congressman Steve Cohen speaks on I-40 Bridge crack


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The I-40 Bridge closure in Memphis is hitting national headlines, as concerns are being heard and discussed in Washington D.C.

Continuing covering on the I-40 Bridge

The Hernando DeSoto Bridge was shut down Tuesday afternoon, after a crack was discovered during a routine inspection. This is a major artery for the nearly 50,000 drivers who use the bridge daily.

We caught up with Congressman Steve Cohen to ask about emergency funding to help with the repairs.

“Secretary Buttigieg, who we call Secretary Pete promised he would put his best resources at work to help in anyway possible. As far as financing, we’ve asked. I don’t know if we can get emergency funding because the limitations are that we don’t qualify for that,” said Cohen.

The congressman says not knowing how bad the damage is, is most concerning, as we could be faced with having to build a new bridge. But he adds, he too is waiting for more information in order to move forward.


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