Nationwide chlorine shortage hits Central Illinois



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PEORIA (WEEK) — The effects of a nationwide chlorine shortage are being felt in Central Illinois.

“At our location, we’ve sold more chlorine to date than we did all of last year in 2020,” Joseph Privett at San Juan Pools in Pekin said.

Privett says orders pools and spas went through the roof in 2020, buoyed by the pandemic. That, in combination with a large chlorine plant burning down last year following a hurricane, has made the popular three-inch tablets scarce.

“We have about 25 buckets [of chlorine] left,” Privett said. “It’s really just been in the last couple of weeks that we’ve sold out of almost everything.”

Meanwhile at D & L Pools in Peoria is out of three-inch tablets. Shelves there are filled with granulated chlorine — which is less convenient to use.

“It’s going to be more of a hassle because you’re having to go out and manually scoop it in,” D&L Pools Water Chemistry Expert Toby Chapman said. “Plus, dosing it properly, and not over-doing it or under-doing it to be able to keep that balance.”

The three-inch tablets are most commonly used in home pools and other small public pools — like those at an apartment complex.

Chapman says most larger pools, like those at Park Districts, use different products to sanitize their water. And at the moment, he says those products are not in short supply.

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