Madison parents welcome second child on side of I-65


MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Imagine preparing to welcome your second child into the world. You are on your way to the hospital, but the baby just can’t wait.

Vernon Williams Jr. and Brittany Haston had a normal birth for their first child, two-year-old Zyla. They expected the same for Vernon Williams III, but that didn’t quite happen.

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“It just happened so fast I wasn’t prepared for that,” Williams said.

Brittany’s water broke at home on April 27 around noon. She and Vernon hopped into the car to head to Centennial Hospital.

Not even a mile later on Interstate 65 near Exit 92, the mom-to-be started feeling the baby coming. She said she had to start pushing. Vernon became anxious in the drivers seat.

“I saw his head, a head full of hair and knew obviously we weren’t going to make it,” Williams said.

Their midwife was following in a car closely behind them. He called her to let her know he was going to attempt to pullover. Before he could put the car in park, out came their son.

“We left after my water broke and of course most people have a couple of hours,” Haston said. “It  was intense being that I haven’t known anyone who didn’t have time. I thought we would be able to make it and obviously that didn’t happen.”

Vernon was able to catch him in his hand. Once they pulled over, they called an ambulance and were eventually taken to the hospital. The midwife, EMTs and hospital staff couldn’t believe their story.

The couple is thankful that he came into the world healthy and now laugh about how he made his entrance. Family and friends call him “Carson” and “The Catch.”

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“I can’t wait for the conversation one day,” Williams said. “I’m going to tell him, have that conversation It’s gonna follow us for a long time; I’m excited about that.”

“I’ll just let him know what a surprise he was coming that quickly,” Haston said. “He was life-changing. His sister was too, being our first child, but he gave us a completely different experience than anything we’ve ever had.”


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