Doctor: Investigators ‘psychologically torturing’ Joseph Daniels


DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Confessions from the man accused of murdering his five-year-old son remain the focus ahead of the looming trial.

It’s been three years and the body of “Baby Joe” still has not been found. ​

Testimony on potential ‘Baby Joe’ sighting shared in court

On Friday the defense called in an expert in police interrogations, as they try to prove Joseph Daniels was coerced into a false confession. While there have been a number of confessions from Joseph Daniels, Friday’s focused specifically on a confession with Agents Boyd and Faulkner from April 6th, 2018.

Doctor Richard Ofshe said investigators went over the line using threats and promises that pushed the father from denial to admission. Dr. Ofshe read part of the transcript to the court.

“Right now you tell me the truth and you will walk out that door. You’re walking out of here, okay? I promise you. I promise you that no matter what you say to me right now, you are walking out that door.”

Evidence, witnesses discussed in hearing of “Baby Joe” murder trial

Dr. Ofshe continued, “That is a blatant promise.”

However, prosecutors pointed out Daniels’ attorney didn’t provide all of the content to the doctor needed to make a fair assessment in his report.

“Very specific things including the defendant’s confessions, additional confessions that were not given to him. That is the defense intentionally skewing the outcome of this report,” stated Ray Crouch. 

The state questioned several parts of the doctor’s report.

CONTINUING COVERAGE: The Case of Baby Joe Clyde Daniels

“Is that your opinion? That they were psychologically torturing Mr. Daniels?”

“I think that’s one way to describe what I was describing, but it’s not in my opinions. My opinions are clearly stated in page 39 of my written report,” Dr. Ofshe responded.  

Cell phone and data experts also took the stand Friday, marking three days of motion hearings as the court gears up for the June 1 murder trial of Joseph Daniels. 


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