21 Bowling Green students face code of conduct violations in hazing death


BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WCMH) — Bowling Green State University said Friday it is notifying 21 students “of varying charges of violations of the code of student conduct” in relation to the hazing death of Stone Foltz.

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Foltz, a 20-year-old from Delaware, was a sophomore at BGSU. He was found dead March 4 after a “Big Little” event with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. In April, three men from central Ohio and five other students were indicted by a Wood County grand jury on criminal charges stemming from Foltz’s death.

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The university expelled Pi Kappa Alpha from campus and hired a special counsel to look into the hazing death. The special counsel released the investigation’s executive summary Friday.

Twenty-one students — who were not named by the university or in the report — are facing the following student-code charges:

Harm to others, including endangering another person
Disrupting order and disregarding health and safety, including illegal furnishing, consumption and possession of alcohol
Falsifying, distorting or misrepresenting information in the conduct process
Shared responsibility for infractions, including inciting, aiding and abetting a university policy violation

Foltz’s mother has filed a wrongful death suit against the fraternity and 20 others. Attorneys for Shari Foltz say the university needs to go further in upholding student standards.

The decisions made by Bowling Green State University officials to hold students accountable for their actions are commendable, yet expected. Student codes of conduct are designed to establish standards for students and organizations. Clearly, more work needs to be done at every level to ensure no other student is injured or dies from fraternity hazing. While punishment is important, far more work needs to be done by all universities to prevent these senseless tragedies. Students and their families deserve better. We will not be satisfied until the University institutes a zero-tolerance policy.

Rex Elliot and Sean Alto, Cooper Elliot

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The executive summary prepared by Barnes and Thornburg can be viewed by downloading the document below.


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