Son of Nashville murder victim pleads with teens to stop the violence


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville teenager, Myeisha Brown, has been serving a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to an elderly man’s murder.

Yun Wang has fond memories with his father.

“We had a lot of good traveling together,” Wang said, “Dad loved to travel.”

Wang said the years since his dad’s death have been the hardest he has lived through.

Brown was 16 at the time of the killing. It happened in November of 2017. She accepted a plea deal last year.

Investigators said 74 year-old Ruxin Wang was taking care of his wife, when he was shot while taking out the trash.

Brown is convicted of shooting him multiple times.

Wang remembered the moments that followed like it happened yesterday.

“The doctor finally came in and told us they’re sorry, my dad didn’t make it,” Wang said, “It turned out dad was just in the next room all along. He was lying there and already passed away just one wall away.”

Due to the nature of his death and an ongoing investigation, Wang and his mother feel they never truly said goodbye.

Yongling Zhai and Ruxin were married nearly 50 years.

“Mom couldn’t smile,” Wange said.

A number of organizations raised money for Brown’s bail, citing her youth.

Wang called the move “infuriating.” He never missed a court date and remembers the first time he came face to face with his father’s killer.

“There is no remorse. There is no regret. There’s no sadness,” Wang said.

Ruxin’s widow has not spoken much publicly on the issue.

“I think mom is fighting,” Wang said, “She tries to live a productive life.”

Yongling Zhai said she would not object to Brown’s rehabilitation, if she truly understood the damage done.

“The pain never goes away,” she said, “Every moment in the past few years, it’s been painful. It’s been sad.”

Wang said he will never understand why? However, his life’s mission is to ensure no family lives through the pain his suffered.

“I feel like Nashville has prospered since I came here in 2000. It has changed so much,” Wang said. “I feel like the city is moving in a very prosperous direction, but the fact that our family is forever changed by that, I feel betrayed by this prosperity in a way.”

Wang said since his father’s death, his mother has started English classes at Belmont University. They have not made plans to leave Nashville.


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