Recent BGSU grad joins U.S. Space Force


VERMILION, Ohio (WJW) – The sky is not the limit for the newest branch of the U.S Armed Forces. Although Space Force may be relatively new one recent college graduate from Vermilion knew it was the perfect career for him.

“When I actually found out that I would be able to apply for it I honestly couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough,” said Anthony Laurio. “…I just graduated from Bowling Green State University and will be commissioning here soon into the U.S. Space Force.”

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Laurio, 21 who graduated with a degree in software engineering will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant next week. He will be the first commissioned officer in Space Force to graduate from BGSU’s Air Force ROTC program.

“I was selected as one of four for this position and one of 151 across the nation out of I believe 2,400 officers this year which is really just a testament to how strong of a program that BGSU has…”

His family says they will miss him but are not surprised he chose a career merging some of his greatest loves – computers and space.

“Seventh grade I watched him start learning code on his own,” said his dad Darren Laurio. “I said where did you learn code? He said, ‘I Googled it’. I’m like, ‘OK what’s the code?'”

Laurio said he has not been west of Ohio before and is eager to start this new journey in his career.

“Really what Space Force’s mission is protecting national security and the American way of life,” he said. “There’s a lot of things that have satellites at their center that you wouldn’t think about TV, phones, banking systems, GPS all those things people use on a day today basis could be possibly threatened in the future and it’s important for us to protect them.”

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Laurio said he does not know yet when he will report to base, but he can’t wait.

“I will be heading off to Los Angeles as a developmental engineer specializing in computer systems where I will be helping the Space Force develop and acquire new computer systems to further our mission.”

A mission his family never dreamed but cannot be prouder to support.

“Well, I don’t know if you could actually put a measurement on that definitely swells the heart gives me goose bumps to think about it,” said Laurio’s dad.


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