Pony named French Fry found safe after disappearing while giving rides to kids in Cleveland


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Police have located a pony that went missing near a Cleveland park on Thursday.

The pony, French Fry, was reportedly giving rides to neighborhood kids at Kerruish Park near E. 173 and Tarkington, according to Cleveland police.

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Police say the horse ran away after being frightened by a four-wheeler passing by and was lost in the woods overnight.

Cleveland police located a missing pony, French Fry, on Friday

Officers say on Friday they looked for two hours in the woods before finally being able to find him after the horse made a noise. They said the horse came up to them willingly.

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According to the officers, while searching for the pony, they spotted a coyote that could have harmed the pony. They also said the pony could have fallen into the ravine which would have made it nearly impossible to find him.


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