I-Team: Is Bay Village missing mail gone for good?


BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team is now investigating to find out if thousands of pieces of missing mail are now gone for good?

Back in March, the City of Bay Village mailed bills to property owners.

But, 6000 never got delivered. And now that has led to new reason to wonder if they’ll ever be found.

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We’ve now learned Bay Village has tracking information showing a printer did deliver the bills to the main post office in Cleveland.

Yet, as the finance director has called to ask about the missing mail, she told us she has found the postal service has no idea where that mail could be.

So, thousands of bills lost.

Finance Director Renee Mahoney said,

“They are still looking for the mail. They can’t seem to find it. Could be behind something, or in some corner. They haven’t been able to locate it.”

Again and again, the I-Team has tried talking to local postal service headquarters.

What’s being done to find the missing mail? How can this happen?

A spokesperson repeatedly wrote in emails, “We continue to work with the City of Bay Village to address any concerns with their mail.”

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Ultimately, that spokesperson wrote, “…we have no additional comment.”

We also went to the Bay Village Post Office. And, a woman behind the counter said she could not answer our questions.

Remember, around the holidays, we exposed the mail system bogged down in a huge mess.

Now, months later comes this mystery.

And, some of you are not surprised.

One man we met dropping off mail in Bay Village told us,

“It’s messed up. Sometimes timely. Sometimes not.”

The missing bills are worth $500,000 to Bay Village. They are bills for trash and sewer service.

Eventually, property owners will have to pay those bills. The city is planning to send out a double-bill in a few months since the postal service didn’t deliver.

Oddly, a couple hundred of those bills did get delivered, but only to property owners living outside of Bay Village. One man in Hawaii even got a bill. But, people in town did not get theirs.

We’ll keep asking questions until the postal service figures out what went wrong.


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