The real Alexa? Voice of Amazon assistant may have been revealed…


(WJW) — Alexa’s voice has been a presence in the homes of many for years.

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Now, a journalist says the mystery behind her identity has been revealed.

**Listen to the voice in the video above to decide for yourself!**

Brad Stone, author of “Amazon Unbound,” said he searched through the works of various voice actresses until he stumbled upon one he says sounds just like Alexa.

Meet Nina Rolle. She is the voice actress behind Alexa. This is one of several secrets Amazon has tried to keep relating to the arduous development of Alexa, as I write about on on publication day for my new book #AmazonUnbound!

— Brad Stone (@BradStone) May 11, 2021

The voice reportedly belongs to a Colorado-based voice actress and singer named Nina Rolle.

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No one from Amazon or Rolle’s team has confirmed the claim. But Stone said her voice is unmistakable.


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