Youngstown man drives van in the morning; by afternoon, it’s swarmed with bees


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Jonathan Ellis drove his van to the hardware store Wednesday morning and parked in front of his Upland Avenue home in Youngstown when he got back.

A couple of hours later, he went to use it and found a swarm of bees on the roof.

The bees were not threatening, but still — they’re bees.

Ellis said he did not want to call an exterminator and have the bees killed because he knows they are needed. So he did some research on beekeepers and called Don Kovach, who calls himself the “Bee Manager.”

Kovach estimated there were 10,000 bees in the swarm. He said chances are they were in a nearby tree or some other cavity when the queen left and everyone followed.

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But the queen, as is her privilege, decided she did not want to fly anymore so she stopped on the hood of the van and the rest of the bees followed suit, Kovach said.

Kovach set up a trap for the bees to take them to his property where they can join other colonies he has. He estimated it would take at least a half hour to trap them all but he did not anticipate any problems.

Ellis said the event was a new one for him but educational for his children, who are home schooled.

“This is a good experience for them,” he said.


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