‘Saboteur,’ ‘St. Elsewhere’ star Norman Lloyd dies at 106


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Norman Lloyd, the distinguished stage and screen actor known for his role as a kindly doctor on TV’s “St. Elsewhere,” has died at 106. His credits stretched from the earliest known U.S. TV drama, 1939′s “On the Streets of New York” on the nascent NBC network, to 21st-century projects including “Modern Family,” Martin Scorsese’s “The Age of Innocence” and the 2014 film “A Place for Heroes.” His stage and screen career put him in the company of Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and other greats. The wiry, 5-foot-5 Lloyd, whose energy was boundless off-screen as well, appeared in the Amy Schumer comedy “Trainwreck” in 2015.

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