Gov. Newsom announces new initiative to clean and revitalize neighborhoods


LOS ANGELES (KGET) — Gov. Gavin Newsom is promoting an effort to clean up California and make it beautiful again. 

During a visit to Los Angeles County on Tuesday, the governor announced that $1.5 billion will be set aside in the state budget for beautification projects. He says the state will work with county supervisors to clean California’s streets and revitalize neighborhoods with public arts, cleanup, and cultural projects. 

Newsom said nearly $100 million of that investment will be used to hire local artists to complete these projects.

‘We want to restore a sense of pride,” he said. “It’s not just about cleaning the streets. It’s not about status quo. It’s about restoring a sense of pride and spirit — that stuff you can’t legislate, you can’t buy, that has to come from the community coming together.” 

Newsom says this new initiative will add more than 15,000  new jobs.

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