Aliza Sherman murder case: New details on the investigation


CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Cuyahoga County prosecutor would like a new set of eyes on one of Cleveland’s most notorious unsolved mysteries, the murder of Aliza Sherman.

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Sherman was stabbed 11 times in broad daylight on March 24, 2013, when she was just a few steps from her attorney’s office. Police believe the suspect was caught on video running from the scene. Her killer still remains free. No arrests have been made on the case.

Sherman’s daughter Jennifer and other family members in March said they would like agents with the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation to take over the case.

Aliza Sherman

And Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley released this statement to the I-Team: “We fully support BCI taking over as the lead investigative agency and urge Cleveland Police to make that request,” the statement reads.

Attorney General Dave Yost says before BCI can look into the matter they must be asked by the lead agency on the case, which is Cleveland police.

We asked a spokeswoman with Cleveland police if the department would consider asking BCI to take over. We were told she would check but we have not heard back.

Roger Davis, BCI special agent supervisor, says if they were asked to investigate Sherman’s murder they would first do an assessment of the case to determine if they would be able to help solve it.

“We went to a multi-disciplinary teamwork approach to all of these cold cases,” Davis said.

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He says the team members would all look at the case for new avenues to pursue such as DNA testing.

Jan Lash, a good friend of Sherman’s, says she too would like Cleveland police to ask BCI to look at the case so they can get justice for the 53-year-old who was loved by so many.

“We remain focused on getting answers,” Lash said. “We will never give up.”


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