A Trans woman is shot and killed outside an apartment in Brookhaven


Police said investigators have led the investigation into the murder of a transgender woman who was shot and killed outside her apartment in Brookhaven.

Police said Sofia Arieta Vásquez, 36, was shot dead in her apartment.

Police said officers heeded a call from someone who had been shot that morning to find Arietta Vásquez with multiple gunshot wounds at the entrance to her apartment at 100 Windmont Drive. Police said she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said Arrieta Vasquez was living in the Atlantic Apartments Brookhaven where she was found.

Police said they were likely killed several hours earlier, around 2 am that morning.

Brookhaven Police said on Wednesday that investigators have identified a significant individual and potential motive, although he has not been released.

“The motive has not been confirmed by the investigators,” said Rep. Brandon Gourley. “They have what they think is the motive. Until we can confirm that, it wouldn’t be appropriate to release them.”

The victim’s family told the police that Arietta Vásquez was transgender and preferred to be called Sophie.

Investigators have been working on the case since last week.


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