Miss Universe visits Best Buddies bakery in Brickell


Miss Universe made a South Florida stop for a few new friends.

Reigning beauty queen, Zozibini Tunzi, partnered with Best Buddies to bring awareness and inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She was shown around the Italian bakery called Rosetta’s in Brickell to visit Best Buddies participants.

“And I think it’s just so incredible that we have this establishment that can help him be into society and be able to work and be able to save money, like he said, for his family, so I think it’s just been so, so incredible,” Tunzi said.

“I like working here. I like the food here. I like to clean here, and I would like to earn the manager’s trust,” said Rosetta employee Guillermo.

The non-profit helps provide workplace opportunities for people with developmental challenges.


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