Northeast Ohio gets surprise weather for Mother’s Day


GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — “That’s the blessing of Cleveland man, you never know when you wake up, you never know what you’re gonna get,” said Clevelander Kevin Wilson.

In this case, it was snow for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. An unexpected, and maybe unwelcome, ‘gift’ for Mother’s Day.

Rain continues overnight, frost advisory impacting most of Northeast Ohio

“I looked out the window and there was snow and it didn’t last but it’s cold and it’s raining. It’s supposed to be May. I don’t know Mother Nature…she has a sense of humor,” said mom Sandra Duncan.

And while it was an inconvenience for some, the snow that fell in counties like Geauga and Medina kept first responders busy.

“This snow is so wet and heavy that it’s breaking the branches, breaking the trees down and it caught a wire across here,” said Lt. Bruce Johnson of the Montville Township Fire Department.

They kept people clear of similar sites and responded to calls of cars spun out from the wet, slick and slushy roads.

“We’ve had another tree down, we’ve had another vehicle accident, car went off the road. These guys are just now coming from a car that was in a ditch so this is the fourth call today, just in Montville.”

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The Ohio Department of Transportation sent a few trucks to tackle trouble spots and said that while they did not have trucks loaded with salt before the weekend — it doesn’t take long to get them ready and out for surprise events like these.

The weather also caused outages in areas like Shaker Heights with police calling the issues significant.

From trees to smaller vegetation — the large flakes weighed down crops like wheat in portage county where farmer Jack Groselle measured two inches of snow. “On May 9th, I believe a year ago we had just a little tiny dusting.”

This year, he says the amount is unusual and a potential threat to profit. “We farm out here about a couple, 2 thousand acres so kind of worried about too much snow on the wheat, knocking it down.”

Those who aren’t so used to northeast Ohio‘s curveballs like Tennessee native Rick Allen say they just don’t get it. “Your weather here is not good at all, it’s supposed to be Spring weather.”

The response from Wilson: “It’s a blessing because we get all four seasons at any time. Beautiful thing. That’s Cleveland for you.”  


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