Digital ‘nomads’ choosing Nashville as home base


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Many people who started working from home during the pandemic are now relocating since they are no longer tied to a physical office.

Many of these so-called “digital nomads” are choosing Nashville for their new homes.

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While the number of people falling into the “digital nomad” category is still growing, Zillow reports Nashville is the fourth most sought-after city, just behind Jacksonville, Austin and Boise, Idaho. Charleston, South Carolina also made the top of the list.

Zillow principal economist Chris Glynn said these people are drawn to the vibrancy of Nashville and affordable housing and mild weather conditions certainly don’t hurt either.

“This is why we’re seeing places like Austin and Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, Charlotte pop to the top of lists, it’s at the intersection of these two themes around affordability and great weather that allows year round, outdoor living,” explained Glynn.

VIDEO: Digital nomads choosing Nashville as home base

In 2020, the number of traditional employees working as digital nomads grew by 96%.

“Some of the trends we’ve seen coming into the pandemic, were the desire for more affordable housing and the desire for Sun Belt and warmer weather places, this was accelerated during the pandemic and highlighted by the fact, people moving from more expensive cities on the coast, looking to take advantage and enjoy outdoor living during a time of our lives when we’ve spent a lot of time indoors, added Glynn.

Zillow reports nearly 11 million American workers identified with this group working solely from home, up 49% from 2019.

Digital nomads typically explore a new city for one to six months before deciding whether to make the move permanent.

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