DA: No additional charges against KCSO lieutenant who lit illegal firework that injured child


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Prosecutors say no additional charges will be filed against a Kern County sheriff’s lieutenant who ignited an illegal firework that burned a 3-year-old boy.

Richard Anderson paid a $1,000 citation for setting off illegal fireworks issued the night of the July 4, 2020 incident.

“There was insufficient evidence of criminal intent or criminal negligence that would be required to support additional charges beyond the citation for possession/use of prohibited fireworks,” Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel said in an email.

Anderson admitted to lighting a firework that sent sparks flying into a neighbor’s driveway, according to court documents. A boy suffered what police described in reports as a “minor injury,” with a circular patch of hair burned on the back of his head.

A Bakersfield Police Department detective who investigated the incident had requested prosecutors file a child endangerment charge against Anderson.

In other crime news:

Matthew Queen has been ordered to stand trial on 35 charges, including torture and murder, in the death of “Bakersfield 3” member Micah Holsonbake.

A jury last week deadlocked in the trial of Nicholas Quintana, charged with murder in the death of Bakersfield attorney Marcos Vargas.


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