‘Child abuse needs to stop’: Bikers hold memorial ride for Evelyn Boswell to raise awareness


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Just days ahead of Megan Boswell’s status hearing, bikers gathered to remember her late daughter, Evelyn.

Boswell could face life in prison if she’s convicted of her 15 month-old Evelyn’s death.

Gov. Bill Lee signs Evelyn Boswell’s Law

On Sunday, bikers gathered for the second annual “Ride 4 Evelyn” to honor the toddler and in an effort to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

“Child abuse needs to stop, it never needs to happen,” Ride 4 Evelyn organizer Ted “Bear” Barnes said.

The group started their ride at Sullivan County Jail where Megan Boswell is being held, passed Muddy Creek Road where Eveyln Boswell’s remains were found more than a year ago, and ended at Tulip’s in Johnson City.

Organizers said they picked Sunday, even though they knew attendance would be low.

“Last year, we had approximately 250 bikes and cars go on the ride, this year it looks like probably 50 to 60,” said Barnes, “It’s Mother’s Day, the mother of Evelyn Boswell is in the jail here.”

“I don’t think the mother that’s sitting in jail right now for killing her child should get off without knowing that we’re still here, we still care what happened,” Amanda Huffman, Organizer Ride 4 Evelyn said.

Barnes said they raised $485 with the ride. That money will go to support Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)

“I think it’s a good day to remember her. We know that Evelyn is in heaven at the Lord’s feet, getting the love she deserved here on Earth,” Larry Ouellette, Repented Motorcycle Ministry said.

The group said they are just getting started.

“We will be holding this event every year, every year until we don’t hold it anymore,” Huffman said.


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