Broward School Board finalizing negotiations for Runcie’s exit


The Broward School Board is in the final stages of parting ways with Superintendent Robert Runcie after weeks of negotiating his exit plan.

In a virtual meeting with Runcie’s attorney on Monday, school board members worked to finalize the superintendent’s separation agreement.

“We’re trying to move forward in a way that’s going to be fair to Mr. Runcie, fair to the school board and fair to the community,” said Dr. Rosalind Osgood, the Broward School Board’s chairwoman.

Osgood and Runcie’s attorney agreed on a cash and benefits offer as part of the separation agreement.

“What we have come to a resolve as something to take forward to the board for discussion in a vote is, I’m coming up with a number of $743,052,” said Osgood.

“That’s the number I have as well,” said Runcie’s attorney.

The cash and benefits offer agreed to by Osgood will go before the board on Tuesday.

Runcie will continue working for the next 90 days while he transitions out of his position if the board approves.

“The $700,000 do not go to Mr. Runcie in a lump sum. That number comes from contracts arrangement that allows Mr. Runcie’s salary to be paid for the 90 days,” she said. “State statute allows for 20 weeks of severance pay that you have to give. There’s approved sick time, vacation time. There are medical and dental benefits that are included.”

Originally, Runcie wanted $400,000 added to his Florida retirement account. However, Osgood agreed to $80,000.

“My mission through this critical crisis situation is to bring peace and love for everybody that’s involved,” said Osgood.

The district will also pay Runcie’s legal fees to fight his perjury charge after a grand jury believed he lied in an official proceeding.

If he’s successful in beating that charge, the district will pay. If he’s not, Runcie will have to pay it back.

“I think individuals on both sides could agree with the proposal that we have coming forward,” said Osgood.

The board is set to meet Tuesday at 9 a.m. to discuss whether or not the separation agreement is acceptable.


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