Seattle teenager was shot dead after answering his door


A teenage boy was shot in his family’s home after he hit the front door, police said.

Police went to Rainier Beach home shortly before 11pm. After someone reported the shooting.

Witnesses told the officers that the gunman knocked on the front door of the house, and when the 16-year-old answered, he was shot multiple times.

Police said the gunman fled after that.

The responding officers attempted life-saving measures, but the boy was announced dead at the scene.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said the shooting was still under investigation, and asked anyone with contact information on the department’s Violent Crime Information Line.

“This is the second event that was shot at last month, and we are just trying to discover ways to stop this violence,” Diaz said in a video clip posted on the ministry’s Twitter page. “So we’re asking the community to find, you know, any way we can make sure that we’re putting an end to these shootings – and also being able to find out who’s shooting as well.”

A two-year-old girl was seriously injured in a shooting accident in a Seattle Strip parking lot. Police said at the time that three men were also wounded in the shooting.

This case is still under investigation.


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