Police shoot and kill suspect after confrontation at Billings’ home


Police in Billings shot and killed a man during a confrontation at a home.

Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said the man was shot when the officers charged after they approached him as he was hiding in the attic. St.John’s said that officers first tried to convince the suspect to come out with chemicals and drones but were unsuccessful. The police did not reveal the name of the dead man or the names of the officers who shot the man.

The confrontation took place several hours after the police found a dead body in a van, which had crashed after its driver fled MPs while trying to stop a traffic.

St. John‘s said Yellowstone County sheriffs tried to stop the truck for a traffic violation earlier that day, but the driver ran away and lawmakers eventually stopped chasing them.

A few hours later, officers from the Laurel Police Department responded to a report on a suspicious car.

These officers found the same truck from the morning chase. They said that a man outside the truck was behaving strangely before getting back in the car and moving away.

Another manhunt ensued, joined by county MPs and Montana Highway Patrols.

That chase ended when the truck crashed into a neighborhood and a man and a woman fled inside the car. Law enforcement officers noticed that the man was carrying a gun and saw the husband running from house to house, presumably looking for unlocked doors.

Police said the woman was subjected to an electric shock and detained. Saint John said the confrontation with the man began after he hid inside a nearby house.

The police did not reveal the identity of the man or the woman.

They have not yet disclosed the identity of the body that was found in the truck, or they have not released the cause of death.

The case is still under investigation by the Montana Criminal Investigation Department.


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